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She smiled like an angel

(falling from grace)

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the first among the fallen
23 February
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I am...
constantly inconsistent
normally strange
cheerfully morbid
ingeniously smart
quietly loud
harmlessly dangerous
seriously joking
deeply shallow
simply confusing
spastically calm.

Call me crazy.

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a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, acid bath, american gods, angels, anime, anne rice, babies, beauty, black, blind guardian, body piercings, books, boots, boyfriends, boyhitscar, bubbles, candles, cds, cheese, chocolate, coffee, comfort, comics, computers, cowboy bebop, cradle of filth, creativity, cuddling, darkness, daydreams, death, delirium, demons, dracula, dragons, dreams, drizzt do'urden, elves, eyeliner, eyes, fairies, fan fiction, fantasies, fire, forgotten realms, friends, fruits basket, ghosts, girlfriends, glitter, gravitation, hands, hate, him, hugs, humor, individuality, insanity, internet, inuyasha, invader zim, j.r.r. tolkien, jewelry, johnny depp, journals, kidneythieves, kisses, kissing, licking, loneliness, love, lust, madness, magic, malkavians, mp3s, musicians, mythology, nailpolish, naruto, neil gaiman, night, nightmares, nine inch nails, not you, notebooks, novels, nudity, obsession, older men, orgasms, orlando bloom, otep, penis-ice, pens, perfume, piano, piercings, piers anthony, pillows, poetry, poppy z. brite, puppies, purple, rain, rainy days, rants, reading, realism, red, relationships, roleplaying, roses, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, serial killers, sesshomaru, sex, shadows, shoes, short stories, silence, sleep, smashing pumpkins, solitude, stabbing westward, sylvia plath, tattoos, tears, teddy bears, the crow, the sandman, tool, tori amos, toys, twelve kingdoms, type o negative, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, vicious, ville valo, william s burroughs, wishes, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho

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